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Additional file 3 of A convenient, rapid and efficient method for establishing transgenic lines of Brassica napus

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posted on 2020-03-31, 03:42 authored by Kai Zhang, Jianjie He, Lu Liu, Runda Xie, Lu Qiu, Xicheng Li, Wenjue Yuan, Kang Chen, Yongtai Yin, May Me Me Kyaw, Aye Aye San, Shisheng Li, Xianying Tang, Chunhua Fu, Maoteng Li
Additional file 3. PCR amplification for transgenic-positive identification in calli. a Amplification of DsRed from calli of Jia 9709, Jia 2016, Zhong shuang 8, Zhong shuang 11 and Zhong you 821, respectively. P, plasmid. WT, wild type plant. Marker, DL 100 bp ladder. b Amplification of BnaA07g17400D from calli in 7633, B 351 and Shan 3B, respectively. P, plasmid. N, wild type plant. Marker, DL 2000 bp.


National Natural Science Foundation of China National key research and Development Program