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Additional file 30: of Exploration of tissue-specific gene expression patterns underlying timing of breeding in contrasting temperature environments in a song bird

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posted on 03.09.2019, 04:40 by Veronika Laine, Irene Verhagen, A. Mateman, Agata Pijl, Tony Williams, Phillip Gienapp, Kees Oers, Marcel Visser
Figure S13. Matrix with the module-treatment relationships and corresponding p-values between the detected modules on the y-axis and treatments on the x-axis based on liver RNA-seq. The relationships are coloured based on their correlation: red is a strong positive correlation, while blue is a strong negative correlation. The value at the top of each square represents the correlation coefficient between the module eigengene and the treatment with the correlation p-value in parentheses. (PDF 51 kb)


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