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Additional file 2 of Pleiotropic effect of the ABCG2 gene in gout: involvement in serum urate levels and progression from hyperuricemia to gout

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posted on 13.03.2020, 05:00 by Rebekah Wrigley, Amanda J. Phipps-Green, Ruth K. Topless, Tanya J. Major, Murray Cadzow, Philip Riches, Anne-Kathrin Tausche, Matthijs Janssen, Leo A. B. Joosten, Tim L. Jansen, Alexander So, Jennie Harré Hindmarsh, Lisa K. Stamp, Nicola Dalbeth, Tony R. Merriman
Table S2. Association analysis of rs2231142, rs10011796 (ABCG2) and rs11942223 (SLC2A9) in European and NZ Polynesian sample sets with the risk of gout in males only. (DOCX 29 kb)


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