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Additional file 2 of Identification and clinical impact of potentially actionable somatic oncogenic mutations in solid tumor samples

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posted on 23.02.2020, 04:40 authored by Sinead Toomey, Aoife Carr, Mateusz Mezynski, Yasir Elamin, Shereen Rafee, Mattia Cremona, Clare Morgan, Stephen Madden, Khairun Abdul-Jalil, Kathy Gately, Angela Farrelly, Elaine Kay, Susan Kennedy, Kenneth O’Byrne, Liam Grogan, Oscar Breathnach, Patrick Morris, Alexander Eustace, Joanna Fay, Robert Cummins, Anthony O’Grady, Roshni Kalachand, Norma O’Donovan, Fergal Kelleher, Aine O’Reilly, Mark Doherty, John Crown, Bryan Hennessy
Additional file 2: Table S3. Cancer Genome Interpreter mutation analysis of the mutations identified in solid tumour samples analysed in our study.


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