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Additional file 2: of First report of V1016G and S989P knockdown resistant (kdr) mutations in pyrethroid-resistant Sri Lankan Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

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journal contribution
posted on 2018-09-26, 05:00 authored by Sachini Fernando, Menaka Hapugoda, Rushika Perera, Karla Saavedra-Rodriguez, William Black, Nissanka De Silva
Table S2. Mutation of F1534C, V1016G and S989P among the Aedes aegypti individual samples that were sequenced. Accession numbers are provided for the sequences that are obtained for sequencing domain II subunit 6 of voltage-gated sodium channel gene which consists of the V1016G and S989P mutation. (DOCX 14 kb)


University of Sri Jayewardenepura