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Additional file 2: of CircDLST promotes the tumorigenesis and metastasis of gastric cancer by sponging miR-502-5p and activating the NRAS/MEK1/ERK1/2 signaling

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posted on 2019-04-05, 05:00 authored by Jing Zhang, Lidan Hou, Rui Liang, Xiaoyu Chen, Rui Zhang, Wei Chen, Jinshui Zhu
Figure S1. The cutoff value of circDLST divided the GC patients into circDLST high and low expression groups. (PDF 51 kb)


Our work was supported by the grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81873143; 81573747), Hong Kong Scholars Program (No. XJ2015033) and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Western Medicine Guide project (No. 17411966500).