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Additional file 2: of Asthma characteristics and biomarkers from the Airways Disease Endotyping for Personalized Therapeutics (ADEPT) longitudinal profiling study

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posted on 17.11.2015 by P. Silkoff, I. Strambu, M. Laviolette, D. Singh, J. FitzGerald, S. Lam, S. Kelsen, A. Eich, A. Ludwig-Sengpiel, G. hupp, V. Backer, C. Porsbjerg, P. Girodet, P. Berger, R. Leigh, J. Kline, M. Dransfield, W. Calhoun, A. Hussaini, S. Khatri, P. Chanez, V. Susulic, E. Barnathan, M. Curran, A. Das, C. Brodmerkel, F. Baribaud, M. Loza
Asthma History Questionnaire. (DOCX 29 kb)


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