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Additional file 2: of ASPirin Intervention for the REDuction of colorectal cancer risk (ASPIRED): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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posted on 01.02.2017, 05:00 by David Drew, Samantha Chin, Katherine Gilpin, Melanie Parziale, Emily Pond, Madeline Schuck, Kathleen Stewart, Meaghan Flagg, Crystal Rawlings, Vadim Backman, Peter Carolan, Daniel Chung, Francis Colizzo, Matthew Freedman, Manish Gala, John Garber, Curtis Huttenhower, Dmitriy Kedrin, Hamed Khalili, Douglas Kwon, Sanford Markowitz, Ginger Milne, Norman Nishioka, James Richter, Hemant Roy, Kyle Staller, Molin Wang, Andrew Chan
ASPIRED Consent Document. (PDF 80 kb)


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