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Additional file 2: Table S1. of A lowered 26S proteasome activity correlates with mantle lymphoma cell lines resistance to genotoxic stress

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posted on 10.08.2017, 05:00 by Khaoula Ben Younes, Simon Body, Élodie Costé, Pierre-Julien Viailly, Hadjer Miloudi, Clémence Coudre, Fabrice Jardin, Fatma Ben Aissa-Fennira, Brigitte Sola
Calculation of IC50 for etoposide-treated MCL cell lines. Table S2. Calculation of AUC for etoposide-treated MCL cell lines. Table S3. MCL1 level is variously regulated following etoposide treatment. Table S4. Genetic characteristics of MCL cell lines. Table S5. Sequences of the primers used for RT-PCR. Additional references. (DOCX 120 kb)


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