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Additional file 1 of The effect of fingolimod on regulatory T cells in a mouse model of brain ischaemia

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posted on 31.01.2021, 04:19 by Kyle Malone, Andrea C. Diaz Diaz, Jennifer A. Shearer, Anne C. Moore, Christian Waeber
Additional file 1. : Representative immunohistochemistry images of CD3+ (A-C) and FoxP3+ (D-F) staining in the infarct core of young mice post-pMCAO (t = 7 days). CD3+ images acquired with the 20X objective lens of an Olympus BX51 microscope. FoxP3+ images acquired with the 40X objective lens. Positive cells counted using ImageJ. A = CD3 (saline), B = CD3 (fingolimod 0.5mg/kg), C = CD3 (fingolimod 1mg/kg). D = FoxP3 (saline), E = FoxP3 (fingolimod 0.5mg/kg), F = FoxP3 (fingolimod 1mg/kg). Sample positive staining indicated via black arrows.


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