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Additional file 1 of Syndecan-1, an indicator of endothelial glycocalyx degradation, predicts outcome of patients admitted to an ICU with COVID-19

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posted on 2021-12-04, 04:25 authored by Dong Zhang, Liubing Li, Yu Chen, Jie Ma, Yanli Yang, Surita Aodeng, Qiuju Cui, Kedi Wen, Meng Xiao, Jing Xie, Yingchun Xu, Yongzhe Li
Additional file 1: Table S1. Normal reference ranges of parameters included in this study. Table S2 Bivariate associations between Syndecan-1 and laboratory parameters.


National Key Research and Development Program of China National Natural Science Foundation of China Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Initiative for Innovative Medicine Beijing Key Clinical Specialty for Laboratory Medicine-Excellent Project