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Additional file 1: of Sortilin inhibition limits secretion-induced progranulin-dependent breast cancer progression and cancer stem cell expansion

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posted on 20.11.2018, 05:00 by Sara Rhost, Éamon Hughes, Hannah Harrison, Svanheidur Rafnsdottir, Hanna Jacobsson, Pernilla Gregersson, Ylva Magnusson, Paul Fitzpatrick, Daniel Andersson, Karoline Berger, Anders Ståhlberg, Göran Landberg
Figure S1. Progranulin is identified as a major contributor to hypoxic induction of mammosphere formation in breast cancer cell lines. Figure S2. Progranulin induces breast cancer metastases in vivo. Figure S3. The receptor sortilin is a prerequisite for progranulin-induced CSC-like propagation. Figure S4. (Left) GRN expression or (right) SORT1 expression in MCF7 cells with selected functional transcripts. Correlation co-efficient is calculated by Spearman’s correlation and p values are indicated in the figure. Figure S5. The orally bioavailable small molecule AF38469 inhibits GRN domain A-induced CSC-like propagation and disease metastasis in vivo. Table S1. Sequence list for primers used during qPCR analysis. (DOCX 24130 kb)


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