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Additional file 1 of Solubilized chlorin e6-layered double hydroxide complex for anticancer photodynamic therapy

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posted on 2022-06-12, 11:30 authored by Young-um Jo, HyunJune Sim, Chung-Sung Lee, Kyoung Sub Kim, Kun Na
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. (a) ζ-potential of dispersed Ce6, LDH/Ce6, and MLH/Ce6. (b) hydrodynamic size and PDI of MLH/Ce6 with incubation at R.T. (n=3, 1~5 days). Fig. S2. Cellular uptake of MLH/Ce6 against CT-26 cells depending on the incubation time using flow cytometry (concentration of Ce6 = 1 µg/mL). Fig. S3. Cell viability test of MLHs against CT-26 cells at various concentration (incubation time = 24 h).


Ministry of Science and ICT, South Korea