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Additional file 1 of Solid-state NMR of unlabeled plant cell walls: high-resolution structural analysis without isotopic enrichment

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posted on 08.01.2021, 04:53 by Wancheng Zhao, Alex Kirui, Fabien Deligey, Frederic Mentink-Vigier, Yihua Zhou, Baocai Zhang, Tuo Wang
Additional file 1: Table S1. Fit parameters of 13C CP spectrum of wild-type (WT) sample. Table S2. Fit parameters of 13C CP spectrum of ctl1 ctl2 double mutant. Table S3. Peak numbers of INADEQUATE spectra shown in Fig. 4. Table S4. 13C-T1 and 1H-T1ρ relaxation times of cellulose and xylan in WT and ctl1 ctl2 samples. Figure S1. Lignin has increased methyl ether substitution in the double mutant. Figure S2. Additional dataset of samples prepared using different protocols. Figure S3. Timesaving by DNP on carbohydrate signals in unlabeled rice stems. Figure S4. DNP polarization is uniform across the cell wall. Figure S5. The experimental and simulated spectra have a good match. Figure S6. 1D cross sections of DNP-enabled 2D CHHC spectrum. Figure S7. 2D PDSD spectra of 13C-labeled rice stems. Figure S8. NMR relaxation curves of polysaccharides in unlabeled rice stems.


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