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Additional file 1 of Sequential Paleotetraploidization shaped the carrot genome

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posted on 01.02.2020, 04:44 by Jinpeng Wang, Jigao Yu, Yuxian Li, Chendan Wei, He Guo, Ying Liu, Jin Zhang, Xiuqing Li, Xiyin Wang
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Homologous dotplot within carrot genome. Figure S2. Homologous dotplot between grape and carrot genomes. Figure S3. Homologous dotplot between coffee and carrot genomes. Figure S4. Examples of homologous gene dotplots between carrot and coffee. Figure S5. Trees with topology supporting the Dc-α and Dc-β.a-f. Figure S6. Alignment of carrot, coffee and grape genomes. Figure S7. Homologous dotplot between grape and lettuce. Figure S8. Homologous dotplot between carrot and lettuce. Figure S9. Homologous alignments and carrot subgenome gene retention along corresponding orthologous coffee chromosomes. Details in Fig. 4. Figure S10. Fitting a geometric distribution and gene loss rates in carrot as to the grape and coffee.


Chinese national key clinical specialty construction programs and the natural science foundation of Fujian province, China