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Additional file 1 of Quantitative carbon distribution analysis of hydrocarbons, alcohols and carboxylic acids in a Fischer-Tropsch product from a Co/TiO2 catalyst during gas phase pilot plant operation

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posted on 2020-09-26, 03:23 authored by Roy Partington, Jay Clarkson, James Paterson, Kay Sullivan, Jon Wilson
Additional file 1: Table S1. Relative standard deviation of response established for FAME analytes at a concentration of 10.0 μgmL-1 over 10 analyses in GC-MS analysis. Table S2. Recovery of carboxylic acid standards in GC-MS analysis. Table S3. Example of a duplicate sample preparations of a liquid hydrocarbon for carboxylic acid analysis. Table S4. 1H NMR of C14 standards, calculation of average carbon number and class compound per carbon chain. Table S5. Concentration of class compounds in repeat analyses of a wax sample. Figure S1. Linearity of response of selected FAMEs in GC-MS analysis. Figure S2. GC chromatogram of aqueous phase, Aq1. Figure S3. HPLC chromatogram of aqueous phase, Aq1. Figure S4. 1D GC analysis of wax, Wax1. Figure S5. Comparison of 1-alcohols in LHcL1 using 1D-GC and GCxGC. Figure S6. McLafferty rearrangement of long chain methyl ester to form the McLafferty ion. Figure S7. 1H NMR of C14 standards, 1%w/w in CDCl3. Figure S8. Repeatability of 1H NMR analysis of a wax sample. Figure S9. Comparison of 1H NMR and GCxGC analysis of 1-alcohols in FT waxes and light hydrocarbons.