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Additional file 1 of Mitochondrial analysis of oribatid mites provides insights into their atypical tRNA annotation, genome rearrangement and evolution

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posted on 2021-04-24, 03:33 authored by Xue-Bing Zhan, Bing Chen, Yu Fang, Fang-Yuan Dong, Wei-Xi Fang, Qian Luo, Ling-Miao Chu, Rui Feng, Yan Wang, Xuan Su, Ying Fang, Jiao-Yang Xu, Ze-Tao Zuo, Xing-Quan Xia, Jie-Gen Yu, En-Tao Sun
Additional file 1: Table S1. Mite species used in the present study (DOCX 23 KB)


Natural Science Foundation of China The Youth Talent Support of Wannan Medical College Key Project of Natural Science Research Education Department of Anhui Province