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Additional file 1 of LipoDDx: a mobile application for identification of rare lipodystrophy syndromes

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posted on 03.04.2020, 03:49 by David Araújo-Vilar, Antía Fernández-Pombo, Gemma Rodríguez-Carnero, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Olmos, Ana Cantón, Rocío Villar-Taibo, Álvaro Hermida-Ameijeiras, Alicia Santamaría-Nieto, Carmen Díaz-Ortega, Carmen Martínez-Rey, Antonio Antela, Elena Losada, Andrés E. Muy-Pérez, Blanca González-Méndez, Sofía Sánchez-Iglesias
Additional file 1: Table 1S. Score table. The result obtained by a particular evaluator for a particular case will receive different score according to the difficulty of the diagnosis. Because the degree of difficulty in the diagnosis is not equal in all of the cases, we assigned a different score, ranged between -10 to 40, according to the “difficulty” for diagnosing. For instance, if a patient has a loss of fat because she had anorexia nervosa but the evaluator considered that she suffered any subtype of generalized lipodystrophy, the score will be negative, and the opposite is true, if a patient suffered a extremely infrequent lipodystrophy, with a complicated phenotype (for instance, Wiedemann Rautenstrauch syndrome) and the evaluator achieved a correct diagnose, the score will be high. Then, we add all the scores of each evaluator , transformed in percentage, and compared the results obtained based on his/her on knowledges with those provided by LipoDDX.


Secretaria Xeral de Investigación e Desenvolvemento, Xunta de Galicia AELIP