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Additional file 1 of Humanization of care in pediatric wards: differences between perceptions of users and staff according to department type

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posted on 20.05.2020, 03:50 by C. Mandato, M. A. Siano, A. G. E. De Anseris, M. Tripodi, G. Massa, R. De Rosa, M. Buffoli, A. Lamanna, P. Siani, P. Vajro
Additional file 1 Figure S1 Supplementary. LpCp tool for patients/visitors/parents/companions: percentages of positive responses (dark grey columns) given for each question by parents/ companions interviewed with the LpCp tool in each of the seven pediatric wards. [Children’s Hospital (A), Pediatric Department of University Hospital (B and C) and General Hospital (D, E, F, G)].