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Additional file 1 of Heterogeneity of Baló’s concentric sclerosis: a study of eight cases with different therapeutic concepts

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posted on 03.11.2020, 10:04 authored by D. Tzanetakos, A. G. Vakrakou, J. S. Tzartos, G. Velonakis, M. E. Evangelopoulos, M. Anagnostouli, G. Koutsis, E. Dardiotis, E. Karavasilis, P. Toulas, L. Stefanis, C. Kilidireas
Additional file 1: Supplementary Figure 1. MRI of Case 2 showing BCS-type lesion before and after treatment with cyclophosphamide. Supplementary Figure 2. MRI of Case 3 showing BCS-type lesion before and after mitoxantrone treatment. Supplementary Figure 3. MRI of Case 5. Supplementary Figure 4. MRI of Case 8.