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Additional file 1 of Heterogeneity of Baló’s concentric sclerosis: a study of eight cases with different therapeutic concepts

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posted on 03.11.2020, 10:04 by D. Tzanetakos, A. G. Vakrakou, J. S. Tzartos, G. Velonakis, M. E. Evangelopoulos, M. Anagnostouli, G. Koutsis, E. Dardiotis, E. Karavasilis, P. Toulas, L. Stefanis, C. Kilidireas
Additional file 1: Supplementary Figure 1. MRI of Case 2 showing BCS-type lesion before and after treatment with cyclophosphamide. Supplementary Figure 2. MRI of Case 3 showing BCS-type lesion before and after mitoxantrone treatment. Supplementary Figure 3. MRI of Case 5. Supplementary Figure 4. MRI of Case 8.