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Additional file 1: of Diagnostic test accuracy of a novel smartphone application for the assessment of attention deficits in delirium in older hospitalised patients: a prospective cohort study protocol

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posted on 2018-09-17, 05:00 authored by Lisa-Marie Rutter, Eva Nouzova, David Stott, Christopher Weir, Valentina Assi, Jennifer Barnett, Caoimhe Clarke, Nikki Duncan, Jonathan Evans, Samantha Green, Kirsty Hendry, Meigan McGinlay, Jenny McKeever, Duncan Middleton, Stuart Parks, Robert Shaw, Elaine Tang, Tim Walsh, Alexander Weir, Elizabeth Wilson, Tara Quasim, Alasdair MacLullich, ZoĂŤ Tieges
This document presents instructions and scoring procedures for the DelApp arousal and attention assessments. Table S1. DelApp assessment and scoring procedure (i.e. arousal and attention assessment). Figure S1. Schematic display of DelApp arousal assessment and scoring. (PDF 124 kb)


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