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Additional file 1: of Deer thymosin beta 10 functions as a novel factor for angiogenesis and chondrogenesis during antler growth and regeneration

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posted on 19.06.2018, 05:00 by Wei Zhang, Wenhui Chu, Qingxiu Liu, Dawn Coates, Yudong Shang, Chunyi Li
Figure S1. Tissue location of primary cultured cells. (Reproduced from our previous works [22] with permission from the Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology). AP: antlerogenic periosteum; tissue from which deer pedicle and initial antler develops. PP: pedicle periosteum; tissue which directly forms from the AP and gives rise to subsequent regenerating antlers. FP: facial periosteum; periosteum with no capacity to generate antler; D: dermis; dermal connective tissue and epidermis of growing antler. RM: reserve mesenchyme; growth center of antler containing the stem cells. PC: precartilage; aligned blood vessels separated by precartilage cells in the growing antler. TZ: transition zone; transitional area. C: cartilage; vascularized cartilage in growing antler. Antler stem cells (ASCs) have been found to reside within the AP, PP, and RM zones. Chondrogenesis occurs progressively in the RM, PC, TZ, and C, and these layers are central for studying cartilage formation. (PDF 127 kb)


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