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Additional file 1 of A cell-level quality control workflow for high-throughput image analysis

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posted on 03.07.2020, 04:31 authored by Minhua Qiu, Bin Zhou, Frederick Lo, Steven Cook, Jason Chyba, Doug Quackenbush, Jason Matzen, Zhizhong Li, Puiying Annie Mak, Kaisheng Chen, Yingyao Zhou
Additional file 1: Section 1. Sample preparation and imaging. Figure S1. Images from a HT assay form clusters in the multi-dimensional feature space, with two such feature dimensions plotted. Figure S2. Example application of ARcell for QC inspection, ranking, and thresholding. Figure S3. Representative images are collected to build a robust cell segmentation solution. Figure S4. A comparison between image-level QC measures and ARcell in Assay α. Figure S5. Effect of one-class SVM hyperparameter nu and gamma variation on well image ARcell scores. Figure S6. Cell-level QC improves the accuracy of population analysis. Figure S7. Dose response consistency across replicates before and after cell-level QC, assay α. Figure S8. A comparison between ARcell and defocused patch ratio under different defocus level cutoffs.