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Additional file 1: Table S1. of Post-translational modifications are enriched within protein functional groups important to bacterial adaptation within a deep-sea hydrothermal vent environment

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posted on 2016-09-06, 05:00 authored by Weipeng Zhang, Jin Sun, Huiluo Cao, Renmao Tian, Lin Cai, Wei Ding, Pei-Yuan Qian
Features of the assembled metagenomes and binned draft genomes. Table S2. Conserved single-copy protein-coding genes for the estimation of genome completeness. The numbers of the 139 single copy genes in Nitrospirae bacterium sp. nov were compared with that in closely related genomes. Table S3. Numbers of genes involved in carbohydrate metabolism, nitrogen metabolism, and sulfur metabolism in Nitrospirae bacterium sp. nov and the reference genomes. Figure S1. Work flow of the present study. Three samples were collected decimeters apart: one for the metagenomic sequencing, protein database construction, and genome binning and two for the metaproteomic and PTM analyses. Figure S2. A Venn diagram showing the overlaps between identified proteins (a) and PTMs (b) in the two metaproteomic samples. Figure S3. Alignments of partial F-type-ATPase protein sequences to show the PTM sites. Figure S4. Phylogenetic organization of the Nitrospirae bacterium sp. nov strain and closely related Nitrospirae strains based on 16S rRNA sequences (~1400 bp). Figure S5. Phylogenetic organization of the Nitrospirae bacterium sp. nov strain and Nitrospirae strains based on concatenated single-copy genes. (DOC 1298 kb)