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Additional file 18 of The expansion of the TRB and TRG genes in domestic goats (Capra hircus) is characteristic of the ruminant species

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posted on 11.09.2020, 03:42 authored by Francesco Giannico, Serafina Massari, Anna Caputi Jambrenghi, Adriano Soriano, Angela Pala, Giovanna Linguiti, Salvatrice Ciccarese, Rachele Antonacci
Additional file 18: Figure S8. (A) Dotplot matrix of goat/sheep TRG1 genomic comparison. Description: The transcriptional orientation of each gene is indicated by arrows and arrow-heads. The triangle indicates a gap (insertions or deletions) between the homology unit. Coloured boxes enclose J-C blocks (red), TRGV genes (blue) and enhancer-like sequences (green).