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Additional file 18: Figure S11. of Phosphoproteome dynamics mediate revival of bacterial spores

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posted on 2015-09-17, 05:00 authored by Alex Rosenberg, Boumediene Soufi, Vaishnavi Ravikumar, Nelson Soares, Karsten Krug, Yoav Smith, Boris Macek, Sigal Ben-Yehuda
The absence of identified kinases does not affect spore revival. Spores of PY79 (wild type, WT), AR73 (∆prkC), AR102 (∆yabT), and AR114 (∆prkC, ∆yabT), strains were incubated at 37 °C in S7-defined medium supplemented with L-Ala (10 mM), and optical density (OD600) was measured at the indicated time points. Data are presented as a fraction of the initial OD600 of the phase-bright spores. Decreasing OD600 signifies spore germination while increasing OD600 indicates spore outgrowth. The data points are averages of results obtained from four independent biological repeats. Error bars designate SD. (PDF 100 kb)


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