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Additional file 12 of The swan genome and transcriptome, it is not all black and white

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posted on 2023-04-13, 09:32 authored by Anjana C. Karawita, Yuanyuan Cheng, Keng Yih Chew, Arjun Challagulla, Robert Kraus, Ralf C. Mueller, Marcus Z. W. Tong, Katina D. Hulme, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Lauren E. Steele, Melanie Wu, Julian Sng, Ellesandra Noye, Timothy J. Bruxner, Gough G. Au, Suzanne Lowther, Julie Blommaert, Alexander Suh, Alexander J. McCauley, Parwinder Kaur, Olga Dudchenko, Erez Aiden, Olivier Fedrigo, Giulio Formenti, Jacquelyn Mountcastle, William Chow, Fergal J. Martin, Denye N. Ogeh, Françoise Thiaud-Nissen, Kerstin Howe, Alan Tracey, Jacqueline Smith, Richard I. Kuo, Marilyn B. Renfree, Takashi Kimura, Yoshihiro Sakoda, Mathew McDougall, Hamish G. Spencer, Michael Pyne, Conny Tolf, Jonas Waldenström, Erich D. Jarvis, Michelle L. Baker, David W. Burt, Kirsty R. Short
Additional file 12: Supplementary Table S10. Differentially expressed genes in infected duck endothelial cells.


CSIRO Department of Agriculture, Australian Government Australian Research Council Wellcome Trust University of Western Australia


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