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Additional file 12 of Revealing the key point of the temperature stress response of Arthrospira platensis C1 at the interconnection of C- and N- metabolism by proteome analyses and PPI networking

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posted on 2020-06-13, 03:30 authored by Pavinee Kurdrid, Phutnichar Phuengcharoen, Jittisak Senachak, Sirilak Saree, Apiradee Hongsthong
Additional file 12. PPI subnetworks of the two multi-sensor histidine kinases, SPLC1_S082010 (orthologous of NIES39_M02160) and SPLC1_S230960 (ortholog of NIES39_L00910), and the glutamate synthase, GlsF. The subnetworks were constructed by using STRING. The A. platensis C1 proteins were inferred to that of the A. platensis NIES39 via orthologous group.


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