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Additional file 11: of A highly adaptive microbiome-based association test for survival traits

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posted on 2018-03-20, 05:00 authored by Hyunwook Koh, Alexandra Livanos, Martin Blaser, Huilin Li
Figure S10. Power estimates for individual MiRKAT-S tests through different software facilities, OMiSA and MiRKATS (via analytic p-value calculation). The censoring scheme, Ci ~ Unif(0,5), and the mixed effect directions, where βj ∈ Λ is a vector of the elements sampled from Unif(− 1,1) (blue), Unif(− 2,2) (yellow), or Unif(− 3,3) (red), for a large sample size (n = 100) were surveyed. KU, K0.5, KW, and KBC, indicates the use of unweighted UniFrac, generalized UniFrac with ϴ = 0.5, weighted UniFrac, and the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity kernels, respectively. (PDF 6 kb)


National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases