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Additional file 10 of Characterization of the public transit air microbiome and resistome reveals geographical specificity

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posted on 2021-05-27, 03:32 authored by M. H. Y. Leung, X. Tong, K. O. Bøifot, D. Bezdan, D. J. Butler, D. C. Danko, J. Gohli, D. C. Green, M. T. Hernandez, F. J. Kelly, S. Levy, G. Mason-Buck, M. Nieto-Caballero, D. Syndercombe-Court, K. Udekwu, B. G. Young, C. E. Mason, M. Dybwad, P. K. H. Lee
Additional file 10: Figure S5. Proportion of cuCDSs in MAGs grouped by COG functional categories faceted by city. Percentages represent the proportion of cuCDSs belonging to a particular COG category out of all cuCDSs from the same city. Stockholm is not presented in this figure as no MAG was constructed based on samples from that city. Categories are colour-coded based on three general broad functions. Unclassified cuCDSs and those of unknown functions are classified as “Unclassified/Unknown.”


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