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Additional file 10: Figure S5. of Slowed aging during reproductive dormancy is reflected in genome-wide transcriptome changes in Drosophila melanogaster

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posted on 2016-01-13, 05:00 authored by Lucie Kučerová, Olga Kubrak, Jonas Bengtsson, Hynek Strnad, Sören Nylin, Ulrich Theopold, Dick Nässel
Results of overrepresentation test of GO biological process terms for comparisons between our genome-wide transcription study of D. melanogaster dormancy and aging studies. 3wD, three weeks diapause (whole animals) our study; Aging, aging response genes [136] and candidate lifespan extending genes [135]. Comparison based on genes in the Venn diagram in Fig. 10a. Term enrichment analysis of Groups A – D are shown separately. (PDF 405 kb)


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