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posted on 30.10.2018, 05:00 by Omar Ibrahim, Homood As Sobeai, Stephen Grant, Jean Latimer
Figure S3. Comparative Analysis of the 20 Canonical NER genes in the Staal dataset of only T-ALL patients. (A) In the early relapsers subgroup (n = 12) 12 genes were overexpressed at the time of relapse (gray bars, P = .371) versus diagnosis (black bars). One gene was significantly over expressed: ERCC1 (P = .029). (B) In the late relapsers subgroup (n = 1), 15 genes were overexpressed at relapse versus diagnosis (P = .025), because this group consists of a single patient statistical analysis at the gene level could not be assessed. (C) At diagnosis the early relapsers (gray bars, n = 13) versus late relapsers (black bars, n = 1), 10 genes were upregulated (P = 1.000). 2 genes were individually significantly overexpressed: CDK7 (P = .038) and ERCC6 (P = .040). (D) At relapse in early relapsers versus late relapsers, 2 genes were upregulated and 18 were downregulated so the pathway was significantly downregulated (P < .001). 2 genes were individually significantly overexpressed: ERCC6 (P = .041) and GTF2H3 (P = .032). (PDF 95 kb)


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