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Adaptation and validation of the chronic otitis media questionnaire 12 (COMQ-12) in the Mexican Spanish language (COMQ-12-Mx)

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posted on 2020-03-03, 16:38 authored by Erika Celis-Aguilar, Cindy Anahí Medina-Cabrera, Luis Alejandro Torrontegui-Zazueta, Blanca Xóchitl Núñez-Millán, César Guillermo García-Valle, Carlos Andrey Ochoa-Miranda

Background: Chronic otitis media (COM) questionnaire 12 (COMQ-12) is a specific-disease tool that evaluates COM patients.

Objective: To validate COMQ-12 in the Mexican Spanish language (COMQ-12-Mx).

Materials and methods: Mexican Spanish-speaking healthy volunteers and COM patients who attended a Secondary Care Center from May 2019 to October 2019. The COMQ-12 in Mexican Spanish was obtained by translation and back translation from an English-Spanish translator. All participants completed the COMQ-12-Mx questionnaire. COM patients were included regardless of their COM status. Control group completed the questionnaire twice. Participants were categorized into three groups: group 1 (COM), group 2 (volunteers first test) and group 3 (volunteers retest). Cronbach’s alpha was used for internal consistency, Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient was used for test-retest reliability and Mann–Whitney U test compared groups.

Results: We included 78 Mexican Spanish-speaking participants (COM n = 37, healthy volunteers n = 41), 51 females and 27 males, mean age was 39.67 years (SD ± 18.32). Group 1 COMQ-12-Mx score was 22.108 ± 11.79, group 2 score was 3.561 ± 4.399 (p ≤ .001) and group 3 score was 3.683 ± 4.435. Cronbach’s alpha was 0.828 and test-retest reliability achieved a 0.928 outcome.

Conclusions: COMQ-12-Mx is a valid and reliable tool to evaluate quality life in Mexican Spanish-speaking patients with COM.