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A new synthesis of 1,3-difunctionalized 2-aminopropane derivatives by reaction of substituted thiourea and arylthiol derivatives with N-sulfonylated aziridines

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journal contribution
posted on 2020-01-09, 10:47 authored by Fatemeh Azizi, Gholamhossein Khalili

A new synthesis of novel 1,3-difunctionalized 2-aminopropane derivatives from N-sulfonylated aziridines is described. The reaction of 2-(bromomethyl)-1-sulfonylaziridines with substituted thiourea and arylthiol derivatives in presence MeONa in DMF at 35–40°C occurs readily to afford 2-(alkyl/arylsulfonamido)-1,3-diyl-bis(N′-phenylcarbamimidothioate) and N-(1,3-bis(arylthio)propan-2-yl)-arylsulfonamide compounds in good yields.