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Reversible Photothermal Homogenization of Fluorous Biphasic Systems with Perfluoroalkylated Nanographene

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posted on 10.02.2020, 19:54 by Guy Guday, Philip Nickl, Mohsen Adeli, Rainer Haag
Fluorous biphasic systems use the temperature-sensitive miscibility of fluorinated materials in nonfluorous solutions as a means to control reaction systems and easily separate catalysts or other compounds from a mixture. We present perfluoroalkylated nanographene as a viable platform for photohomogenization and recycling of fluorous-tagged catalysts. The photothermal properties of graphene materials, particularly in the near-infrared range, enable comparatively fast activation time and simplify the recycling of catalysts thanks to the easy separation of the solid fluorinated graphene phase from most solvents by centrifugation. A fluorinated phosphine catalyst was used in a modified, catalyst-regenerative Appel reaction as a model system. The catalyst could be successfully recovered and reused for at least 10 cycles with minimal loss of yield.