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Regioselective Synthesis of Substituted Pyrroles:  Efficient Palladium-Catalyzed Cyclization of Internal Alkynes and 2-Amino-3-iodoacrylate Derivatives

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posted on 07.12.2006, 00:00 by Matthew L. Crawley, Igor Goljer, Douglas J. Jenkins, John F. Mehlmann, Lisa Nogle, Rebecca Dooley, Paige E. Mahaney
The first efficient and regioselective palladium-catalyzed cyclization of internal alkynes and 2-amino-3-iodoacrylates to give moderate to excellent yields of highly functionalized pyrroles has been developed. This approach is applicable to a range of alkynes and affords the deacylated pyrrole under reaction conditions for most substrates.