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Quantum Plexcitonics: Strongly Interacting Plasmons and Excitons

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posted on 08.06.2011 by A. Manjavacas, F. J. García de Abajo, P. Nordlander
We present a fully quantum mechanical approach to describe the coupling between plasmons and excitonic systems such as molecules or quantum dots. The formalism relies on Zubarev’s Green functions, which allow us to go beyond the perturbative regime within the internal evolution of a plasmonic nanostructure and to fully account for quantum aspects of the optical response and Fano resonances in plasmon–excition (plexcitonic) systems. We illustrate this method with two examples consisting of an exciton-supporting quantum emitter placed either in the vicinity of a single metal nanoparticle or in the gap of a nanoparticle dimer. The optical absorption of the combined emitter–dimer structure is shown to undergo dramatic changes when the emitter excitation level is tuned across the gap-plasmon resonance. Our work opens a new avenue to deal with strongly interacting plasmon–excition hybrid systems.