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Flexible Electronic Circuits - Vertical Transistors and Passive Devices

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journal contribution
posted on 07.09.2017 by Felix Dollinger, Markus P. Klinger, Axel Fischer, Hans Kleemann, Petr Formanek, Karl Leo

Poster shown on the European Conference on Molecular Electronics ECME 2017 in Dresden.

Organic large area electronics have the potential to enable fully flexible applications. This requires efficient transistors on flexible substrates as well as capacitors, inductors, and resistors to complete an electrical circuit.

We operate Organic Permeable Base Transistors (OPBT) on polymer substrates to combine impressive transistor characteristics, facile manufacturing techniques and mechanical flexibility. Large current densities and on/off-ratios are achieved with simple shadow mask structuring well known from OLED technology. Currently our flexible devices reach on/off-ratios exceeding 106 and current densities above 1 A/cm².

Thin-film capacitors and inductors are produced to fit the needs of a transmitter circuit that we aim to use for indoor wireless localization applications.


DFG SPP 1796, LE 747/52-1