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Mitoproteome Plasticity of Rat Brown Adipocytes in Response to Cold Acclimation

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posted on 05.01.2007 by Rachel Navet, Gregory Mathy, Pierre Douette, Rowan Laura Dobson, Pierre Leprince, Edwin De Pauw, Claudine Sluse-Goffart, Francis E. Sluse
Cold acclimation induces an adaptative increase in respiration in brown adipose tissue (BAT). A comparative analysis by two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis of mitochondrial protein patterns found in rat control and cold-acclimated BAT was performed. A total of 58 proteins exhibiting significant differences in their abundance was unambiguously identified. Proteins implicated in the major catabolic pathways were up-regulated as were ATP synthase and mitofilin. Moreover, these results support the fact that adipocytes can balance their ATP synthesis and their heat production linked to UCP1-sustained uncoupling. Keywords: Proteomics • 2 D-DIGE • Brown adipose tissue • Uncoupling protein 1 • Cold acclimation • Thermogenesis