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Highly Rare Ferromagnetic Interaction with the Cu(tetrahedron)-Cu(square)-Cu(tetrahedron) Mode Observed in A 2-Fold Interpenetrating Moganite Net

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journal contribution
posted on 06.05.2009 by Feng Luo, Yun-xia Che, Ji-min Zheng
Polymer 1, Cu32-OH)2(nic)4 (Hnic= isonic otinic acid), was prepared by the hydrothermal self-assembly of CuCl and Hnic in the presence of HClO4. The outstanding feature of it is the moganite matrix with 2-fold interpenetration built on two distinct copper nodes and ferromagnetic coupling pathway in the Cu(tetrahedron)−Cu(square)−Cu(tetrahedron) fashion.