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Friction Force Spectroscopy of β- and κ-Casein Monolayers

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posted on 01.02.2011 by Javier Sotres, Olof Svensson, Thomas Arnebrant
Friction force spectroscopy (FFS) has been applied to study the tribological properties of β- and κ-casein layers on hydrophobic substrates in aqueous solutions. Nanometer-sized imaging tips were employed. This allowed exerting and determining the high pressures needed to remove the layers and registering the topographic evolution during this process. Both β- and κ-casein layers showed similar and not particularly high initial frictional responses (friction coefficient of ∼1 when measured with a silicon nitride tip). The pressures needed to remove the layers were of the same order of magnitude for both proteins, ∼108 Pa, but slightly higher for those composed of β-casein. The technique has also shown to be useful in studying the two-dimensional lateral diffusion of the proteins and the wear on the layers they form.