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Extending Distannoxane Double Ladders Using Rigid Spacers:  A Double Ladder with Eight Chiral Tin Atomsand a Twist!

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posted on 24.01.2002, 00:00 by Dainis Dakternieks, Andrew Duthie, Bernhard Zobel, Klaus Jurkschat, Markus Schürmann, Edward R. T. Tiekink
The new bulky silicon-containing ditin precursor p-(RCl2SnCH2SiMe2)2C6H4 (R = CH2SiMe3 (4)) has been synthesized and further reacted to form a unique double ladder {[p-(R(Cl)SnCH2SiMe2)2C6H4]O}4 (6). The two layers within 6 are twisted with respect to one another, resulting in a helical motif and a total absence of molecular symmetry so that there are eight chiral tin atoms within the system. The structure is compared to the double ladder {[m-(R(Cl)SnCH2CH2)2C6H4]O}4 (11), which was prepared from the less sterically demanding ditin precursor m-(RCl2SnCH2CH2)2C6H4 (10). The two layers within 11 are parallel, and the molecule contains only two kinds of tin atom.