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Experimental Evidence of Plasmophores: Plasmon-Directed Polarized Emission from Gold Nanorod–Fluorophore Hybrid Nanostructures

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posted on 08.06.2011 by Tian Ming, Lei Zhao, Huanjun Chen, Kat Choi Woo, Jianfang Wang, Hai-Qing Lin
We show that the fluorescence emission from individual hybrid nanostructures composed of Au nanorod cores and oxazine 725-embedded mesostructured silica shells is strongly polarized, with the degree of polarization being equal to that of the light scattered by the nanorod and varying from 0 to 1 as the longitudinal plasmon resonance wavelength is increased. Our analyses indicate that the interactions of the plasmon resonance of the nanorod with the excitation and emission processes of the fluorophores are temporally separated under unsaturated excitation conditions. The emission polarization is found through electrodynamic calculations to arise from the plasmon-coupled emission instead of the plasmon-enhanced excitation polarization. The emission carries the direction and polarization properties that are essentially determined by the dipolar plasmon of the nanorod antenna. Our results therefore provide direct and concrete evidence for the plasmophore that has been proposed recently for plasmon-enhanced fluorescence.