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Deep-Red and Near-Infrared Xanthene Dyes for Rapid Live Cell Imaging

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posted on 03.08.2016 by Guangle Niu, Weimin Liu, Bingjiang Zhou, Hongyan Xiao, Hongyan Zhang, Jiasheng Wu, Jiechao Ge, Pengfei Wang
In this work, two xanthene dyes (H-hNR and TF-hNR) have been synthesized by a convenient and efficient method. These two dyes exhibited deep-red and near-infrared emissions, high fluorescence quantum yields, and good photostability. Their structure–optical properties were investigated by X-ray crystal structure analysis and density functional theory calculations. Live cell imaging data revealed that H-hNR and TF-hNR could rapidly stain both A549 and HeLa cells with low concentrations. The excellent photophysical and imaging properties render them as promising candidates for use in live cell imaging.