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Cu-Catalyzed Radical Cascade Annulations of Alkyne-Tethered N‑Alkoxyamides with Air: Facile Access to Isoxazolidine/1,2-Oxazinane-Fused Isoquinolin-1(2H)‑ones

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posted on 21.08.2018 by Fei Chen, Sheng-Qiang Lai, Fei-Fei Zhu, Qiang Meng, Yu Jiang, Wei Yu, Bing Han
A series of structurally important isoxazolidine/1,2-oxazinane-fused isoquinolin-1­(2H)-ones have been facilely synthesized via efficient Cu-catalyzed aerobic oxidative radical cascade annulations of alkyne-tethered N-alkoxyamides. This method features air as the environment-friendly oxidant and has the merits of a cheap catalyst, broad substrates scope, high atom economy, and simple operation.