Corrigendum: Imaging calcium in hippocampal presynaptic terminals with a ratiometric calcium sensor in a novel transgenic mouse (frontiers in cellular neuroscience, (2018), 12, 10.3389/fncel.2018.00209)

A Corrigendum on Imaging Calcium in Hippocampal Presynaptic Terminals With a Ratiometric Calcium Sensor in a Novel Transgenic Mouse by Al-Osta, I., Mucha, M., Pereda, D., Piqué-Gili, M., Okorocha, A. E., Thomas, R., et al. (2018). Front. Cell. Neurosci. 12:209. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2018.00209 In the original article, there was a mistake in Figure 8 as published. During the revision process, panels B-G from Figure 2 were incorrectly duplicated into panels B-G of Figure 8. The data for these figures were correct in the original submission. The corrected Figure 8 appears below. The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way. The original article has been updated.




CC BY 4.0