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Additional file 6 of Deficits in coordinated neuronal activity and network topology are striatal hallmarks in Huntington’s disease

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posted on 29.05.2020 by S. Fernández-García, J. G. Orlandi, G. A. García-Díaz Barriga, M. J. Rodríguez, M. Masana, J. Soriano, J. Alberch
Additional file 6: Figure S6. Quantification of network burst shape before and after bicuculline application. (A) Average duration of the network burst and (B) average number of spikes contained in burst (amplitude) (STR WT n=4; STR HD n=5). Each dot represents a single experiment, thick line the mean, thick shaded area the Standard Error of the Mean and thin shaded area the standard deviation. Statistical analysis was performed using mixed ANOVA and posterior Bonferroni’s post-hoc test. * p< 0.05, ** p<0.01 *** p<0.001.


Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades Instituto de Salud Carlos III Generalitat de Catalunya