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Additional file 2: of Direct and indirect effects of a pH gradient bring insights into the mechanisms driving prokaryotic community structures

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posted on 11.06.2018 by Daniel Lammel, Gabriel Barth, Otso Ovaskainen, Leonardo Cruz, Josileia Zanatta, Masahiro Ryo, Emanuel de Souza, Fábio Pedrosa
Land-use description and soil parameters. Table SI2A. Land-use history of the crop fields (all the experimental plots were managed identically, the only difference between the treatments was the lime doses that created the pH gradient). Table SI2B. Soil chemical parameters, and plant yield, and greenhouse gas fluxes according to different soil pH (CaCl2) ranges. Table SI2C. Soil chemical parameters, plant yield, and greenhouse gas fluxes according to the lime doses. (PDF 775 kb)


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