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Additional file 2: of Contributions of T cell dysfunction to the resistance against anti-PD-1 therapy in oral carcinogenesis

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posted on 10.07.2019, 05:00 by Liling Wen, Huanzi Lu, Qiusheng Li, Qunxing Li, Shuqiong Wen, Dikan Wang, Xi Wang, Juan Fang, Jun Cui, Bin Cheng, Zhi Wang
Figure S1. Expression of Foxp3 and TIM-3 in the immune microenvironment of the tongue lesions. Representative immunohistochemically stained images of the tissue sections from the tongue. Foxp3 (A) and TIM-3 (B) staining were detected in the two groups. The expression of Foxp3 and TIM-3 in the PD-1R group were significantly higher than that in the PD-1S group, P < 0.05. (PDF 1750 kb)


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