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Additional file 1: of Ventilator-induced lung injury is aggravated by antibiotic mediated microbiota depletion in mice

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posted on 29.10.2018 by Sandra-Maria Wienhold, Mario MacrĂŹ, Geraldine Nouailles, Kristina Dietert, Corinne Gurtner, Achim Gruber, Markus Heimesaat, Jasmin Lienau, Fabian Schumacher, Burkhard Kleuser, Bastian Opitz, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath, Holger MĂźller-Redetzky
Figure S1. Intestinal microbiota density declines after oral antibiotic treatment. Figure S2. Mean arterial pressure during mechanical ventilation. Figure S3. Exemplary flow cytometric gating strategy of innate immune cell populations in the alveolar spaces. Figure S4. Antibiotic therapy did not per se lead to lung injury as assessed histologically. Figure S5. Microbiota depletion prior to mechanical ventilation had no impact on composition and recruitment of innate and adaptive alveolar cells in the lungs. Table S1. Primers used for qPCR. (PDF 1720 kb)


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